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Hi, this is Marcelle Ottier, an independent artist always eager to find alternative ways to finance art projects (*).
I discovered cryptos in 2015; since then, I have been testing tons of crypto-related websites,
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How do faucet sites work?

A faucet site gives out "drops of coins" (satoshis,fractions of bitcoins) upon clicking and taking simple actions, such as viewing ads or solving captchas or taking survey, or playing games (some are very popular and offer good chances to see exponential revenues - if you are so smart to stop before losing. But even if you lose: it's not your money, it's faucet money you got for free!). Just like drops of water make up a full glass of water, with faucet sites you can collect nice amounts (with the pleasant perspective of a raise in their value).

Basic Plan - My Daily Faucet Beauty Routine

Make it a habit (also for winning loyalty bonuses in many cases), and have fun! Thank you for using my ref links

Cointiply . - daily reward and games. (p.t.) - this excellent site is based on US$ converted into BTC. It is frustrating when the exchange rate gets unfavourable: interests offered to deposits exceeding 35k sat may not cover your loss. Suggestion for the present times: you may wish to withdraw as soon as you reach the current threshold (30k coins) or save the amount for a higher budget in the addictive Multiplier.

Bitfun . (p.t.) Steady, easy, paying
Bonusbitcoin . Steady, easy, paying, with a daily bonus(p.t.)
MoonCash . Random bonuses (p.t.) FireFaucet . Random bonuses (p.t.)
FamilyBtc . (p.t.) . (p.t.)

This is quite weird. It's slow. But fun, and seems to work. If you are a fan of mathematics and challenges:
Profit every 10 minutes!
Yannik .

Where to collect your earnings from different sites?

An important caveat about dice games

RollerCoin, timer 5min Play games to get power.More power = more earn.
Cointiply timer 60min win up to 10$ each hour, earn 5% Interest + Offerwalls
FreeBitcoin timer 60min win up to 200$ + earn 4% Interest + weekly lottery

More Sites

Some exceptions to our "bitcoin only" rule.
MoonDogecoin . (Coinpot family), MoonLitecoin . (Coinport family)
Althub . (p.t.) multicoin
Mellow Ads - the website . (p.t.) - all about advertising campaigns
Mellow Ads - the faucet . (p.t.) - (this credit to be used for advertising only) / Mellowads (advertising credit faucet)
MoonDogecoin . (p.t.) - daily bonus
MoonLitecoin . (p.t.) - daily bonus

Satoshi Labs - one of the best payouts: faucet, chat, games, support staff . Slow payout. (p.t.)

Other online faucets with direct payment to wallet .(notes: a little boring; it takes time to reach the threshold.But the more you use it the better, as you collect bonuses) . (p.t.)
Bitsfly .
FreeBtx . (p.t.)

TreasureBits . (p.t.) - great site with some recent problem. t ay have a new management


ClaimBtc . (p.t.)
ClaimFreeCoins .
Firefaucet .

QueenFaucet .

Pure Fun

Earnings are not high, but it is a pleasant faucet-game site simulating mining. For the sake of its nice games (Coin Match!)
Rollercoin . (p.t.)

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